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Reliable supply of industrial motherboards

Part 1: DC-ATX power supply

Our ATX power supply solution DC161W is ideally suited for mobile applications in 12V or 24V vehicle electrical systems (with vehicle ignition function) as well as for industrial applications with strong fluctuations in the DC supply network. Precisely regulated +5Vsb / +3.3V / +5V / +/-12V are available at the ATX output.

/// 160W fanless DC-ATX converter
The DC161W convinces with a wide-range input 6...36VDC and a high efficiency of 93% in fanless IPC applications. The high quality of the power supply design and the components used ensure many years of 24/7 continuous operation in the temperature range -20...+70°C.

/// Flexible cable management
The cable management system of the DC161W allows the flexible use of your customer-specific cable harness solutions. On request, we can carry out the complete assembly of your cable harness with individual cable lengths and plug connections.

/// Thermal pad for contact cooling included
For the optimal thermal connection of the power components on the bottom side of the circuit board, a suitable thermal pad (gap filler pad) is already included in the scope of delivery of the DC161W.

DC161W ATX power supply
All benefits at a glance

  Fanless 160W DC-ATX converter
  Ultra wide input range 6...36VDC
  Extended temperature range -20...+70°C
  Efficiency up to 93%
  With motor vehicle ignition function
  No minimum load required
  Including thermal pad for chassis mounting
  Cable management system
  Maximum reliability and service life
  Optional EMC filter available
  3 years warranty

/// Products available in our web shop
You can conveniently order our power supply solutions, UPS systems and system components around the clock in our web shop. Please contact us if you have any questions about your next project or your web shop customer account. We are glad to be here for you!

DC-ATX Converter

with flexible
cable management

Contact-cooled 160W / 6-36V / +5Vsb/+3,3V/+5V/+/-12V

DC-ATX Converter

with fixed mounted
ATX wire harness

Contact-cooled 160W / 6-36V / +5Vsb/+3,3V/+5V/+/-12V

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