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Reliable protection in case of power failures and faults

UPS module for 12VDC with integrated 10-Year LiFePO4 battery pack

The UPSI-1208DP3 bridges power failures, voltage dips and flicker, ensuring uninterrupted 12VDC power supply to the connected DC load at all times. The integrated LiFePO4 battery pack convinces in safety-relevant applications with a particularly stable battery chemistry, a long service life of at least 10 years and more than 6000 full charge and discharge cycles.

The compact DC UPS module in a robust DIN rail housing is ideally suited for use in control cabinet applications and decentralized solutions for protecting embedded IPCs, controllers, motor drives, sensors, measurement, control and safety technology, and many more.

/// LiFePO4 – Safe, durable and powerful
The integrated LiFePO4 battery pack of the UPSI-1208DP3 convinces in safety-relevant applications with a particularly stable battery chemistry, a long service life of at least 10 years and up to 6000 full cycles. For all high-performance battery packs, we deliberately use safe lithium iron phosphate chemistry, which makes thermal runaway virtually impossible. Combined with our specially developed battery management system (BMS), we ensure the highest reliability and safety for your demanding application.

/// Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Compared to lead-acid batteries, LiFePO4 high-performance batteries has an approx. 15-20 times longer service life and cycle stability. When calculating the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) over the entire period of use of at least 10 years, there is a clear cost advantage for LiFePO4 battery technology, especially since there is no effort for maintenance and battery replacement during this period.  

All benefits at a glance

  Compact DC UPS 12V 8A (DIN rail version)
  Integrated LiFePO4 battery pack with BMS
  Up to 6000 full cycles
  Operating temperature range -20...+50°C
  Intelligent input current detection
  Regulated output voltage in battery mode
  Minimum load detection
  Power-fail timer function

  Relay dry contact on power fail
  Shutdown&Reboot function for IPC systems
  USB and RS232 interface
  Plug&Play – recognized as UPS by operating system
  Extended functionality by
     UPSGen2 configuration software included
  Immediately available from stock

/// Pre-programmable for self-sufficient operation
The included 'UPS Gen2 Configuration' management software is for setting and preprogramming all parameters as well as real-time monitoring of the DC UPS system. It is available for free download with the respective product at our website www.bicker.de.

/// Shutdown & Reboot function for IPC systems
In the event of a "PowerFail", the DC UPS signals the failure via the integrated interface, so that a controlled shutdown of the computer system is initiated and valuable data can be saved. The integrated reboot function of the DC UPS automatically initiates the restart of the supplied IPC after the supply voltage has returned, without the need for costly on-site intervention by a service employee, e.g. with completely self-sufficient computer systems in inaccessible locations.

/// Products available in our web shop
You can conveniently order our power supply solutions, UPS systems and system components around the clock in our web shop. Please contact us if you have any questions about your next project or your web shop customer account. We are glad to be here for you!

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