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Bicker Elektronik –
Next Generation

Tom Bicker joins the management of Bicker Elektronik GmbH

Markus and Tom Bicker are not only a good team as father and son, but also in the management of Bicker Elektronik GmbH. It is particularly important to them to convince global customers as a reliable partner and innovative solution provider with quality and know-how.

Within the family business, cohesion and solidarity in the workforce are important to both of them. And of course the shared profession and passion for all topics relating to power supply, UPS and system components.

Each generation has its own values, ideas and priorities – together we create an enriching "togetherness" that makes future-oriented and sustainable action in the interest of our customers and their needs possible. We look forward to this common future!

/// Tom Bicker
Commercial competence and a down-to-earth attitude meet tech-savvy enthusiasm – this is how you could describe Tom Bicker in a short portrait, who has been with the company since 2015. As an ambitious sports pilot and model builder, however, in his free time he often goes "high up" above the clouds of his hometown and all of southern Germany.


/// Shaping the future
Founded in 1994 by Markus Bicker, the company and its team have built an excellent reputation around the world. In the future, the development capacities and the product portfolio, as well as the areas of production and logistics at the Donauwoerth location, are to continue to grow, thus leading the successful company into the "next generation".

/// Realizing innovation
As a power supply manufacturer, we not only offer highly efficient AC/DC switched-mode power supplies and DC/DC converters, but also UPS emergency power solutions and energy storage devices "Made in Germany". In our in-house development and battery production, we rely on the experience of our specialists and engineers as well as the high quality, competence and diligence in our production.


/// Bearing responsibility
We at Bicker Elektronik GmbH are aware of our responsibility for people, the environment and the functional safety of our products. Our declared goal is to find the best technical and economic solution while at the same time combining safety, energy efficiency and environmental protection. Let us work together to achieve these goals "for the next generation"!

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We use 100% green electricity and CO² neutral natural gas.

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