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DC/DC Converter

DC/DC converter for mobile applications

Ultra-wide input range 6...36V and
flexibly selectable output voltage

The contact-cooled DC/DC converter DC300WS supplies 300W fanless and is particularly energy-saving with an efficiency of up to 98%. In addition to an ultra-wide input range of 6...36VDC, the DC300WS offers the flexible choice between 12V, 19V and 24V output voltages. The polymer capacitors used in the compact and high-quality converter have a service life of more than 10 years.

The new DC300WS is the ideal choice for reliable and long-lasting DC power supply of demanding mobile applications in commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles and field robots, construction machinery, forklifts, driverless transport systems, and many more.

The DC300WS is also ideally suited for the stable power supply of fanless IPC systems and embedded box PCs with single-voltage motherboards for the latest generation of processors.

All advantages at a glance

  Powerful 300W DC/DC converter
  Fanless contact cooling via thermal pad
  Over 10 years polymer capacitor lifetime
  Very compact design
  Ultra-wide input range 6...36VDC
  Adjustable output voltage 12V / 19V / 24V
  Excellent control characteristics
  Full power in temperature range -20°...+60°C
  Very high efficiency of up to 98%
  Remote on/off function
  Optional compensation of the output voltage
     via sense lines
  Made in Germany

/// Thermal pad, jumpers and spacers included

The DC300WS converter design is thermally optimised to ensure minimal heat generation and high reliability. To ensure optimal heat dissipation between the high-efficiency power components on the underside of the PCB and the chassis of the application, the DC300WS already comes with a matching thermal pad and custom-fit spacer sleeves for contact cooling.

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