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LiFePO4 Battery packs

Maximum safety
and durability

10 year high-performance battery pack
for industrial & medical applications

The new battery pack BP-LFP-2725 with high-performance LiFePO4 cells and an integrated battery management system (BMS) is designed for applications that place the highest demands on quality, safety and reliability. The intrinsically safe 10 year battery pack with high energy density is designed for more than 6000 full cycles and is therefore ideally suited for use in particularly demanding applications in the industrial environment and medical technology.

/// High safety level with low total cost of ownership (TCO)
The BP-LFP-2725 impresses in safety-relevant applications with the particularly stable, safe and long-lasting lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry. In contrast to the supposedly cheaper lead-acid batteries, LiFePO4 cells offer an approx. 15-20x longer service life and cycle stability. When calculating the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) over the entire useful life of at least 10 years, there is a clear cost advantage compared to lead-acid batteries, especially since there is no need for maintenance and battery replacement for LiFePO4 during this period.

Your benefits at a glance

  10 year LiFePO4 high-performance battery pack
  Safe lithium iron phosphate technology
100% free from lead and cadmium
  Extended temperature range -20...+55°C
  15-20x longer lifespan than lead-acid batteries
  Integrated high-performance BMS system
  Advanced charging algorithms and cell balancing
  Redundant protection functions (intrinsic safety)
  Compact and shrunk design
  IEC 62133-2 safety approval
  UN 38.3 transport certification
  Immediately available from stock

/// High performance battery management system (BMS)
The integrated high-performance battery management system (BMS) monitors and controls the entire charging and discharging process of each battery cell of the intrinsically safe battery pack BP-LFP-2725. 

The cells are perfectly protected against almost all harmful influences and dangers from the outside and all critical error states are redundantly protected. You can find detailed information directly next to the product.

The integrated cell balancing ensures the balanced and even charging of all cells in the network and thus ensures a permanently high capacity and longer service life of the LiFePO4 energy storage device.

/// 'System present' function for increased safety
With the system present function, the output of the BP-2725 remains deactivated (output voltage = 0V) until it is connected to the DC UPS unit via the communication connector (BAT-DATA) and enabled. Since the components on the BMS board run in standby mode, this power-saving function increases the shelf life of the (charged) battery pack.

/// High energy density for long backup times
For modular and reliable DC emergency power supplies with long backups times, we recommend the combination of BP-LFP-2725 with our powerful 10A DC UPS unit UPSI-2412.

Suitable for the battery pack BP-LFP-2725
we recommend this DC UPS and accessory part:

Bicker DC UPS unit

DC UPS 24VDC / 10A
24VDC power supply
for flexible system integration

Bicker original accessories

Mounting bracket
for battery packs
2 pcs. set incl. rubber

/// Products available in our web shop
You can conveniently order our power supply solutions, UPS systems and system components around the clock in our web shop. Please contact us if you have any questions about your next project or your web shop customer account. We are glad to be here for you!

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