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AC UPS Systems

AC UPS for ambient temperature up to +60°C

1000VA line-interactive sine wave
with longlife Cyclon® cells

The BICKER UPS-1000-B1 with 1000VA is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with line-interactive design and reliably protects 230VAC applications from power outages and input voltage fluctuations. The UPS-1000-B1 provides a sine wave output voltage unlike conventional off-line UPS systems.

Extra longlife Cyclon® battery cells are used in the powerful UPS-1000-B1. This is the ideal choice when a long service life at higher ambient temperatures up to +60°C is required. Especially in demanding environmental conditions, the UPS-1000-B1 offers enormous advantages over conventional standard office UPS systems in terms of freedom from maintenance and service intervals.

The microprocessor-based control of the UPS-1000-B1 also offers numerous control and monitoring functions, especially in combination with the UPS software UPSilon 2000, which is already included in the scope of delivery. With the aid of the reboot function, the supplied system will be automatically and autonomously restarted after a power failure.

All advantages at a glance

  Powerful AC UPS 230V / 1000VA
  Durable Cyclon® battery cells
  Ambient temperature up to +60°C
  Line interactive design
  Sine output voltage (6 outputs)
  AVR function (buck/ boost)
  Microprocessor-based control
  Battery backup time monitoring
  Reboot function
  Load sensor
  RS232 and USB communication interface
  UPS software UPSilon 2000 included
  Safety standard EN62040-1
  With AC input/output cables and USB cable


/// Pure lead-tin battery cells
In contrast to conventional lead-acid batteries, the extremely robust Cyclon® cells use wound, thin electrode grids made of pure lead (99.004%) with a tin alloy (0.65%).
The optimized electrochemical processes in the valve-controlled Cyclon® cells (VRLA) enable high temperature resistance and a particularly long service life.

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