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DIN-Rail Power Supplies

DIN-Rail PSUs for
Smart Manufacturing

Long-life AC/DC switch mode power supplies with Real-Time Status Display

The CliQ VA power supply series with Real-Time Status Display has a single-phase AC wide-range input for worldwide use. The compact and powerful DIN rail PSUs operate reliably in the operating temperature range from -25°C to +70°C and offer full power up to +60°C. The robust aluminium housing and the particularly high quality of the components used make the CliQ VA series a particularly durable and reliable power supply.

/// Many years of reliability in industrial use
The brand-name electrolytic capacitors used have a particularly long service life of 15 years (131,400 h) and thus ensure many years of system availability. The high-quality conformal coating on the circuit boards also protects against dust and chemical pollutants.

/// Advanced Power Boost (APB)
In addition to a Power Boost of 150% for 7 seconds, the CliQ VA series has an Advanced Power Boost function (APB). If several loads are connected in a system, a high output current may flow due to a fault load. The APB function detects this and triggers the load-break switch. This prevents the entire system from shutting down and the other connected power paths continue to operate without interruption.

/// Real-Time Status Display
The CliQ VA series display module offers three main functions:
Display mode allows you to scroll through values such as output voltage, output current, capacitor life, (power supply) temperature, etc. The maintenance alarm setting allows you to set a predefined maintenance alarm before the power supply reaches the end of its expected life. In addition, there is an alarm signal terminal on the front of the PSU. The fault mode indicates the type of fault when the PSU enters or exits OVP, OLP, SCP or OTP mode.

All advantages in the product video


  Single-phase DIN-Rail PSUs with active PFC
  Universal AC input voltage range
  LCD display for parameter monitoring
  Alarm signal and life expectancy monitoring
  Up to 94% efficiency
  Power boost from 150% up to 7 seconds
  DC-OK contact & LED indicator for DC-OK/overload
  Conformal coating on PCBAs
  Certified to IEC/EN/UL 62368-1
  Immediately available from stock


AC/DC switch mode PSU
120W / 24VDC / 5A / 1Ph


AC/DC switch mode PSU
240W / 24VDC / 10A / 1Ph

/// Products available in our web shop
You can conveniently order our power supply solutions, UPS systems and system components around the clock in our web shop. Please contact us if you have any questions about your next project or your web shop customer account. We are glad to be here for you!

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