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Battery packs

Li-Ion battery pack
with IEC/EN 62133-2

Reliable energy storage for demanding industrial and medical applications

The high-quality BP-LIO-1525 lithium-ion battery pack convinces both in industrial and medical applications with approvals according to IEC/EN 62133-2:2017 and UL 62133:2017 Ed.2. The Li-Ion energy storage unit also offers five times more charge/discharge cycles than conventional lead-acid batteries and thus guarantees a particularly long service life.

The BP-LIO-1525 has an integrated BMS (Battery Management System) to optimize service life and safety. The BMS monitors and controls the entire charging and discharging process for each battery cell in the energy storage system. The NTC temperature sensor, which is led outside, enables permanent monitoring of the Li-Ion cell temperature for charging optimization and operational safety.

All advantages at a glance

  Li-Ion battery pack 14.8V / 2.5Ah / 37Wh / 4S1P
  IEC/EN 62133-2 approval for use in medical devices
  System present function
  Integrated temperature sensor
  UL 62133:2017 Ed.2 certified
  High energy density
  100% free from lead and cadmium
  5x longer service life than lead batteries
  Reversible electronic overcurrent and
     short circuit protection
  Suitable for 24/7 continuous operation
  Immediately available from stock

/// 'System-Present' function increases safety
With the help of the system present function, the output of the battery pack remains deactivated (output voltage = 0V) until the main current path is released by bridging the communication plug. Otherwise the BMS locks the MOSFET main switch permanently. Since the components on the BMS board run in standby mode, this power-saving function also increases the shelf life of BP-LIO-1525.


/// Lithium-Ion technology

In terms of system integration and economy (TCO), Lithium-Ion cells enable energy storage devices with space and weight savings of up to 75% – compared to conventional lead-acid batteries. Lithium is the lightest metal in the periodic table and has ideal electrochemical properties for providing high specific energy densities (Wh/kg). Also many times higher than with lead-acid batteries is the number of charging cycles and the realizable Depth of Discharge (DoD). Finally the service life under comparable operating conditions is up to five times longer!

/// 'Cell-Balancing' for consistently high performance
The integrated cell balancing ensures a balanced and uniform charge of all cells, so that the full capacity of the lithium-ion battery pack remains permanently usable. This has a particularly positive effect on the service life, number of cycles and capacity of the energy storage.

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