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Available immediately:
Integrable 230VAC emergency power supply

Space-saving AC UPS for 5.25" installation or mounting with wall bracket

Power failures and strong voltage fluctuations in the 230VAC supply network can quickly become a problem for IPC and embedded systems and cause costly system downtimes or data loss. It doesn't have to be! With our integrable IUPS-401 you get an uninterruptible power supply for 5.25" installation or flexible wall mounting (optional with PSZ-1087).

In the event of undervoltage/overvoltage or a complete power failure, the IUPS-401 AC UPS ensures the safe supply of the connected system. If necessary, a controlled shutdown of the computer can be performed. If the mains voltage returns during a power failure and the Windows® shutdown phase that has already been initiated, the UPS switches off the PC (after the shutdown time has expired) and uses the integrated reboot function after approx. 30 seconds to 5 minutes to automatically restart the supplied IPC. Expensive on-site interventions by a service person are therefore not necessary.

All features at a glance

  Integrable AC UPS for 230VAC (50/60Hz)
  400VA uninterruptible power supply
  USB communication interface
  Load sensor
  Reboot function
  Overload and over-temperature protection
  Front panel operating and signaling elements
  UPS management software included
  Fast and easy 5.25" installation
  Interchangeable front panel white / black
  Wall bracket available (optional)
  Long-term availability at least 5 years
  Immediately available from stock

BickerAC UPS

Space-saving AC UPS for easy 5.25" installation
400VA / 230VAC / 50/60Hz
Front panel interchangeable black&white (included)

Bicker Original Accessories

Metal bracket for wall mounting or the IUPS-401
Also ideal for installation in the control cabinet

Bicker Original Accessories

Circuit board/cable set with RS232 interface (Upsilon)
RS232 cable 1800mm
Setting tool UPS adjuster
Load sensor adjustment
Choice of input voltage

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