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Industrial PC power supplies

Fail-safe ATX PSU

IPC power supply with integrated UPS function and USB interface

The high-quality UPS IPC power supply eNSP3-450P-USB combines the function of an industrial PC power supply unit with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in an excellent way. Drops in the mains voltage or total power failures are safely bridged. The necessary energy is supplied by an external battery pack, such as the BP-2423N, which can be installed in the 5.25" drive bay.

The powerful 350W industrial PC power supply works in a wide ambient temperature range of 0…+60°C and is characterized by its high reliability. The power supply can communicate with the optional UPS management software RUPS-2000-B1 via the integrated USB interface and the supplied interface cable.

All features at a glance

  350W UPS industrial PC power supply ATX12V
  Universal input 85…264VAC with active PFC
  Temperature range 0...+60°C
  USB communication interface
  Excellent voltage regulation
  Designed for continuous operation 24/7
  High reliability thanks to quality components
  IEC/EN 62368-1 safety approval
  No base load required
  Delivery incl. cable set
  3 year warranty

Also order matching original accessories:


24V / 2,3Ah / 5 1/4" format Battery pack for eNSP3-450P


24V / 2,5Ah / 5 1/4" format CYCLON longlife battery pack up to +60°C for eNSP3-450P


Automatic start and reboot board


USB interface holder for eNSP3-450P


UPS management software

The easy-to-use UPS management software is used for communication between the eNSP3-450P and the PC. Among other things, the user can monitor the input voltage and set the shutdown function individually. This software can also be used to shut down the PC in a defined manner and then switch off the UPS.

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